4D Shift
MZ Alchemist Oils - Flower of Life medallion - Slim's Tools - Detox - Tarot - Drunvalo

Ascension Mastery International
Joanna Cherry, founder. Pictures of Masters & Deities, books & tapes on Ascension.

Ascension-Saint Germain
Private Ascension Sessions, Events, Lectures and Seminars with Troika St Germain, and Tools of Transformation.

  Bill Austin
Serenity Healing practitioner and teacher transmits powerful initiations and multidimensional healing frequencies.

Circle of Lights
Services and products to prepare souls for ascension and greater loving service to the planet.

  Lightspeak Transformational Arts Energy Paintings
"Divine point of view" Energy Portraits capture your supernal radiance.

Violet Star
Saint Germain skin care, St.Germain Elixir of Life, vibration raising purple plates, images of St Germain, and other Tools of Transformation.

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