Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Center of the Sun
Class offered on Maya Cosmology, Kiche Count, Sacred Sites of the Americas, Galactic Shamanism.

Angelic Reiki
Reclaim your Divinity through this powerful & complete Angelic Healing System.

Ascension-Saint Germain
Private Ascension Sessions, Guided Meditations, Higher Self Activation, Workshops, Lectures and Seminars with Troika St Germain.

  CeAnn -- Visionary Guidance
Tools assisting you to Explore Yourself, Awaken your Mind, and Expand your Heart.

Crystal Wings
Vogel-cut Crystals, Ancient Healing Tools, Multidimensional Healing & Channeling, Metaphysical Books, Aura Photography, Workshops

Energy Transformations
Empowering, Ascension, Newsletter, Books, CDs, Workshops, Transformational Tools, Healing, Meditation, Prayer, Reiki, Awakening, Consciousness.

  Heart and Soul Healing by Ken Page & Nancy Nester
Specialized releasing techniques which balance collective consciousness to energetically integrate soul pieces and multidimensional aspects of Self.

Presenter of Sananda Ascension Essences, author and workshop facilitator.

Spirit of Horses
Catherine Lynn Ceci, Equine Telepath & Animal Communicator, Workshops & Private Consultations.

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