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4D Shift
MZ Alchemist Oils - Flower of Life medallion - Slim's Tools - Detox - Tarot - Drunvalo

7th Heaven Angel Shop & More!
Featuring Roman's Seraphim Collection, Angel gifts of all types, Angel encounter stories and more!

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Center of the Sun
Unique Spiritual Pilgrimages, Mayan Astrology, Sacred Site Essences, Multidimensional Photography.

Angelic Reiki
Reclaim your Divinity through this powerful & complete Angelic Healing System.

Ascension Mastery International
Joanna Cherry, founder. Pictures of Masters & Deities, books & tapes on Ascension.

Ascension-Saint Germain
Teachings of Saint Germain, Ascension Sessions, Elixir of Life, vibration raising Purple Plates and other Tools of Transformation.

Bill Austin
Serenity Healing practitioner and teacher transmits powerful initiations and multidimensional healing frequencies.

CeAnn -- Visionary Guidance
Tools assisting you to Explore Yourself, Awaken your Mind, and Expand your Heart.

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  Circle of Lights
Services and products to prepare souls for ascension and greater loving service to the planet.

Crystal Wings
Vogel-cut Crystals, Ancient Healing Tools, Multidimensional Healing & Channeling, Metaphysical Books, Aura Photography, Workshops

Edward A Morris -- SIRROM
How to prevent tyrants and dictators. Control stress! Keep your cells happy and your mind right where your body is.

Energy Transformations
Empowering, Ascension, Newsletter, Books, CDs, Workshops, Transformational Tools, Healing, Meditation, Prayer, Reiki, Awakening, Consciousness.

Golden Heart Merkabah
Angelic activations through Sacred Geometry and Lightbody.

Heart and Soul Healing by Ken Page & Nancy Nester
Specialized releasing techniques which balance collective consciousness to energetically integrate soul pieces and multidimensional aspects of Self.

Elizabeth H Wefer Agency
An Editing and Writing Service and Full Service Literary Agency.

Lightspeak Transformational Arts Energy Paintings
"Divine point of view" Energy Portraits capture your supernal radiance.

  New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
Newsletter, Books, Tapes, Free Seminars and sponsor of the Annual World Congress On Illumination.

Odyssey To Wholeness
Dynamic brief therapy integrating spirituality, energy work, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Author, Lecturer, and founder of New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose.

Presenter of Sananda Ascension Essences, author and workshop facilitator.

Soul's Purpose Astrology by Patty
Your soul's purpose revealed by personal interpretation (not a computer), Business Charts & Pet Readings.

Spirit of Horses
Catherine Lynn Ceci, Equine Telepath & Animal Communicator, Workshops & Private Consultations.

Violet Star
Saint Germain Anti-aging skin care products, Tools of Transformation and Supplements of Spirit.

Witz Mountain Dreams
Mayan Dreaming Box, the perfect dream environment and dream interpretation.

Wonderland Design Company
Website design, Internet hosting, domain name registration, marketing & promotion consultation. Creator of 1 Spirit.com.

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