1 Spirit Membership Directions

All you need to do to join 1 Spirit is sign-up on our Order Form or send an e-mail with the following:

1. The title you want to use for your site (for the listings).

2. The categories you want to be listed under (up to 5).

3. 12-15 word description for your site (see what others have done for example).
Your description will be the same for all categories.

4. Your physical location (city, state, country).

5. The URL to link to your website.

6. Make your check payable to: Saint Germain Inc.
Mail it to: PO Box 733
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Use the Order Form to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AmEx.

$360 for Full Membership, includes Newsletter articles. This is an Annual fee.

All Members are required to have a link back to 1 Spirit on their website. Please use the 1 Spirit logo if possible. Click here for graphics you may use.

And that is all there is to it!

*You will have the opportunity to participate in the Spirit Voice newsletters. You are allowed up to 350 words per issue. It is your platform to be used however you wish. We will place a link to your site within your article.
The correct way for submitting your newsletter copy:

1. Please give your article a TITLE in ALL CAPS.

2. Do not indent paragraphs instead put a line of space between them.

3. Do not double space between sentences.

4. Send as simple e-mail rather than an attachment of a file created in a word-processing program.

5. If you want to write a really loooong article, post it on your own website, send in the whole article and include a link to where it is on your site. We will post as much as room permits and include a "click here to read the rest" type of link.

6. Have Fun!!!

Deadlines for copy to be sent:

Jan 5 for Jan/Feb issue
Feb 28 for Mar/April issue
April 30 for May/June issue
June 30 for July/Aug issue
Aug 30 for Sept/Oct issue
Oct 30 for Nov/Dec issue

Please add these dates to your calendar as sometimes we can not send reminders.


*Notice -- Your website will be reviewed before membership is granted.
We reserve the right to refuse membership, based upon our sole opinion,
to websites that we feel are inappropriate for 1Spirit.


CALL 530-926-0700 (10am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time)
Snail Mail us at: PO Box 733
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067-0733

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